Davido confirms he has another son in the UK [Photos]

This comes as a surprise to many as for 2 years the artist has vehemently denied the existence of of his other son

Nigerian artist Davido has confirmed having sired another kid outside his relationship with Chioma
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Nigerian artist David Adeleke popularly known as Davido has confirmed having sired kids outside his famed relationship with his wife, entrepreneur, and renowned chef Chioma Rowland.

In a video currently trending online the 'Jowo' hitmaker confirmed that he has a second son besides Ifeanyi who passed away late last year in a swimming accident.

Speaking with the AB Talks podcast in an interview the father of 4 beamed with joy and pride as he spoke of his daughters,


Davido then revealed he had named his daughters, Imade and Hailey after his late mother, stressing that his second daughter, Hailey is a complete replica of his mom.

“I named both of them [my daughters] after my mum. Hailey is the exact replica of my mum; my second daughter, she is just like my mum. It’s crazy. It’s like she came in here," the award-winning recording and performing artist told the interviewer.

With his next statement, the "IF" hitmaker seemed to confirm his rumoured relationship with UK-based makeup artist Larissa Lorenco.


The interviewer was counting up Davido's kids when the artist blurted out that he has another son.

“I have a son too. Like Ifeanyi has a little brother... His name is Dawson. He lives in London right now,” Davido revealed reigniting the flames of rumours that he had stepped out of his union with Chioma.

Davido's Baby Mama

Davido acknowledging Dawson comes as a surprise to many as for 2 years the artist has vehemently denied the existence of his son.

Back in 2020, A UK-based model had rumour mills spiralling after she hinted that she was expecting a child with Davido. However, the artist and his team were quick to disregard the news.

The rumour was squashed but came back to life after Larrisa gave birth and the child looked so much like Davido.

There were also rumours that Davido and Chioma called off their engagement after she found out he'd got another woman pregnant.

Speaking about his late 3-year-old son the superstar admitted that tears well up in his eyes each morning, even if they may go unnoticed by others. He maintains he has never stopped thinking about his little one.

"I miss him every day; there are tears coming out of my eyes every morning; you don’t have to see it," Davido emotionally shared. 

He added that he believes his late son is watching over him from above, and that gives him the strength to be strong for himself and for Ifeanyi's mother.

"I look at myself in the mirror, and I said apart from it just being about me, I know how many people love me, I know how many people are depending on me.

My son up there is looking down at me. Apart from me being strong for his mom, which is my primary responsibility, I have to be strong for the world," added the award-winning Nigerian artist.

Davido lost his first son, Ifeanyi Adeleke in a swimming pool accident at his Banana Island residence in October 2022.

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