Comedian Mammito

Award-winning Kenyan comedian Mammito Eunice is sick and tired of Netizen's body shaming her on the internet.

In a series of videos, Mammito opted to square it out with critics who have been trolling her over her saggy boobs.

Just the other day, Mammito shared behind the scenes of a photoshoot she was doing- an act that attracted negative comments from the way she had been dressed.


However, in a quick rejoinder, the former Churchill show comedian said that she will not allow body shamers to dictate how her body features should look like.

“Yes, sijakataa boobs zimelala, but wewe unataka ziamke zikufanyie kazi gani ama ziende wapi? Mbona unaziamsha wachana nazi zilale. Ama zimelala kwako?

(Yes, I have not refused that my boobs are saggy but you want them to wake up and do what or go where?  Why are you trying to wake them up? Let the sleep,)," Mammito clapped back at Critics.


The comedian went on to state that her boobs have been on the frontline of fighting depression (If you know you know).

“Hizi boobs zimekuwa frontline ya kufight depression, making people happy. Mtu anakuja na stress, unauliza ni nini baba, ni taxes, shika.

“They are to be celebrated and not be discriminated, they have done enough. Hata wewe ukiwa na mtu umestand na yeye the right direction for 15 years utapumzika. So let them rest. Hata on the seventh day our Jehovah rested. Let them rest," Mammito said.

Causes of Sagging Breasts

Hormone changes, pregnancy, weight gain, and weight loss can all affect the internal structures of your breasts. Menopause can affect the fullness of breasts and reduce their volume.

Sagging breast tissue cannot regain its youthful firmness without plastic surgery.

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