Mammito: Being raised by a single mum has made me insecure

The comedian hilariously says she has daddy issues from her upbringing

Image: Instagram/Mammito

Former Churchill comedian Mammito has established herself as a household name in comedy.

After breaking away from her mentor's show, she has been doing hustles that have landed her the adoration of fans.

In her latest musings, Mammito confesses something about being raised by a single mother.

"Being raised by a single mum has somehow made me insecure, especially in relationships right?

Because you know when I am dating and I meet with that guy and I'm doing seven ways to satisfy a man, so I'm there, and then he is like who is your daddy, I'm like I don't know, why are you asking me that right now. Ati calls me daddy, why why? what do you know that I dont know? why should I call you daddy right now? I've never met him," She rolls her eyes as she shouts.

Pausing before adding "Who is he? do you know him, I heard maybe he is called Mathew. Do you know anyone called MAthew? But you are 30 so you can't be my daddy" The audience laughs away.

MAmmito adds that this has been a struggle. In November 2022 with Iko Nini, she got candid in an interview about her mysterious dad.

"I would never date a mubaba because I don't know my own father. Sitaki stori tena kwa news niko CNN, BBC maneno."

She has never asked her mother who he is. She is not even curious about who he is, "Haijawahi nisumbua that is the only issue in my life I'm like mmmhh."

She has two other siblings who are from different fathers. What would worry her more if she got a mubaba?

"What my mother thinks. She would be like si hata ungewacha nikutafutie."

Mammito spoke more about being raised by a single mum saying; "Heh she was strict. She would beat me when I was naughty. We used to live in Kibera. She would find me on top of the mabati chilling."