Moya David

Award-winning TikToker Moya David has fired back at his critics indirectly after alleged reports of a fallout with his alleged Mumama Lover.

On Saturday, the award-winning dancer stepped out in a new G-Wagon – taking salvos at his critics.

Moya borrowed President William Ruto’s viral statement ‘Nilikuwa nimewarn’ to address his critics.


Many who interacted with the caption argued that Moya had opted to fire back indirectly after being a trending topic on Twitter for days.

In a separate post Moya wrote; “Don’t bunt. Aim out of the ballpark,”.

The dancer has been hot in the news after unconfirmed reports viral alleging that his car and lavish SPA and beauty salon had been taken away.


Just the other day, Moya had made it public that he was selling his SPA and beauty Salono for a whooping Sh4.5 million.

"Hello what's up my beautiful people, my name is Moya David and I'm standing right in front of one of my beauty shops that I'm putting up for sale for only 4.5 million shillings.

Come with me guys, let us have a look," says the content creator as he turns and heads back into the salon showing off its interior and how well-equipped it is.

Moya did not give reasons as to why he was selling off his establishment months after launching it.

Netizens however seem to have quite a few theories as to why the TikTok star is letting go of his investment barely a year after setting it up. According to a section of them, they believe the investment to have turned sour thus why Moya is running for the hills and let someone else suffer.

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