Oga Obinna and ,and claiming to be his brother

Media personality Oga Obinna has broken his silence after being accused of neglecting his parents by Man claiming to be his biological brother.

In a statement Obinna fired a tough warning at the man in questioning- stating that he have never met him in his entire life and even don’t know who he is.

Obinna accused the man of making defamatory remarks about him, stating that he will serve as an example for those who like tarnishing other people’s brands for clout.  

“You don’t fear going to jail, provoke men and you will find. Let him be a lesson to the others.

“You can't just wake up and start defamatory remarks about people who Donno you just because you feel you wanna ride on the wave for views & relevance. However, the only leniency I'll extend is one,” Obinna said.

The former Kiss TV presenter said that he had given the man 24 hours to apologize or he takes legal action against him.

“24 hours to take back your nonsense and Apologise on video!! Failure to do so, my lawyers will be in touch. Tutakutafuta,tukupate na mambo Ichemke.

“Whoever knows who the hell this is, talk to him before it's too late. For all bloggers and content creators, kindly keep my family out of the BS!! I've worked so hard to build this brand and I've had it with anyone trying to tarnish my brand for whatever reasons. Stop Cyber Bullying,” Obinna said.

Obinna’s warning comes at a time a man claiming to be his brother had said;

"I would like to expose some things zenye Obinna amekua akisema na haimakensense kwangu mimi kama brother yake. Pesa hautumii mathe. Mimi nikikupigia unaniambia am busy. You never supported us. I worked hard and earned my own money,”.

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