Willis Raburu and Oga Obinna
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Kenyan comedian and seasoned Media personality Oga Obinna has joined the race to replace Willis Raburu on Citizen TV's entertainment show 10 over 10.

Speaking to KissFM's Dennis Milimo, Obinna said that he is the best candidate for the job.

"So today I will be doing a screen test to see if I can get the vibe. So we are doing today and then the bosses sit down and decide let's compare ABCD...but if I look at the list that has been there I have more experience on TV and Radio and basically everything.

"So if we agree on terms then we will be ready to start a new journey," Obinna explained. 

At the same time, Obinna put up a post stating that he has always wanted to work for the Royal Media Services-owned station Citizen TV.

“Another One!! It's such an Honor to be here. TONIGHT I tick another DREAM off my to-do list. Always wanted to work at RMS on CITIZEN TV.


“Finally my dream has come TRUE!! I get to be on TV again as a host of THE BIGGEST TV SHOW 10/10 !! Mama, WE MADE IT!,” Oga Obinna said.

He added that he will be banking on his experience both on Radio and TV for the show tonight. 

“With my experience from hosting numerous TV shows ( Kajairo Music Comedy, Breaktime Show, Comedy Club, Offside NTV, FNL Kiss TV, and other concerts and events hosted over 10 years ) sitawaangusha.

“With guidance from the 10/10 team of dope a Producer, Directors, and Camera crew plus the in studio Audience expect nothing but pure bliss🥰. See you guys 10PM tonight let's make memories. @1010fanpage,” Obinna said.

The comedian left Radio Africa’s Kiss FM a few months ago. He used to host the Breakfast Show.

On the other hand, Willis Raburu left Citizen TV after 13 years and now he works for Governor Sakaja.

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