Karen Nyamu and Samidoh
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Senator Karen Nyamu has left netizens stunned and tongues wagging after she shared a series of photos highlighting how her firstborn daughter's birthday went down.

In the photos shared on her Instagram page, Karen started by showing off her daughter Tatiana having an amazing time by the pool and a few others of her and her friends.

However, things got a little interesting as one continued swiping across the pics.


Samidoh was seen posing happily while holding his son as he stood next to an elated Karen who was cradling their lastborn.

The two were surrounded by Tatiana and a few of her friends giving off the illusion of a picture-perfect family, the ones you put on festive poster cards.

The last slide was a photo of Samidoh standing by the balcony lovingly holding his daughter as the he two admired the beautiful coastal line.


Netizens were super stunned by the photos especially since Samidoh's latest song had given off the impression that he was gearing up to work out things with his first wife Edday Nderitu.

Captioning the post the mother of 3 wrote, "Cha muhimu ni birthday girl askie fiti with her friends and family, (of importance is for the birthday girl to feel great)"

Although the politician currently has the comments on her post limited the netizens who got to comment on the post shared how confused they were in regards to Nyamu's relationship with the Mugithii artist.

Netizens reminded themselves the importance of minhttps://www.instagram.com/p/CwW3VEfoxyh/?img_index=1ding their own business as they went on to marvel in the comment section.

Below are a few comments:

Michelleliandra: So nyimbo mlitoa ya kutegeneza pesa tu 🤣🤣🤣

Ngonyo_Esther: Enyewe uliachiwa bwana

Tabitha Muthoni7: Who is samidoh ?? Samidoh is guy who will do whetever he wants .,bila kujali mtasema nini ata ataingia studio aimbe kawimbo mchanganyikiwe na you will do nothing about this guy samido back to you in studio😂

_Miss_nadia_: Enyewe ukipenda mtu unamzaa tena.. ulitoa copies za Sam eii 😂😍

Bianca Mworia: Mimi mambo ya watu wajifunika blanket moja niliwacha kitambo 😂

Eva MutonyaWueh your kids are samidoh's photocopy🙌.Not taking sides anymore let Love do it's thing.

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