Controversial Kenya socialite Shakilla has ignited an endless discussion after boldly declaring that Kenyan men are poor in bed.

In an interview with Mpasho's Dennis Milimo, Shakilla confessed that she has never dated a Kenyan man with an argument that they are stingy and poor in bed.

She insists that she likes dating Nigerian men because they are romantic and never afraid to spend money on their partners.

"There's a lot of things. If I were to say why I don't like Kenyan men, I don't think I would finish tonight. There are a lot of things. First, they are stingy. Kenyan men look alike, they don't look that good, you understand?"

The socialite also made it clear that she doesn't like short men

"I really emphasize the word stingy. Like a Kenyan man can never give you money, they would rather pay for you. Then they don't last in bed. It's minutes. I really go for hours with Nigerian men," she said.

 "And Kenyan men have wives, so it's really hard to come along with them, lazima uwafiche, wababas. I dont like that. I wanna roll with my man,"

She also loves the soft life and living large is something she says Kenyan men dont do.

"Then I like to fly. He will have to ask you one thousand questions before he does that. So I dont like that"

Shakilla also addressed her closeness to Nigerian rapper Blaq Bonez after they were spotted together a few days ago.

"Me and Blaq we are really good friends. From way back. So when I heard that he was coming to Kenya, I was really happy and you know we just hang out and we had a casual dinner that's what I can say. It was dinner and catching up with stories."

She was also asked about the seeming chemistry between the two, which to many suggests more than friendship

"I never said it was a business deal. Like we are friends, he is a gentleman holding my hand. you know holding a girl's hand" she said about the gesture

"Nigerians are romantic, yeah Actually I prefer Nigerians more than Kenyans,"

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