Image: Instagram

Controversial Kenyan socialite Shakilla can't believe she is only 19 years old.

The teen took to her Instagram to express her thoughts about being so young yet achieving a lot.

"Sometimes I can't believe am 19." She follows this up with a TikTok video on how many partners she has had.


Her age seems to stun her a lot because of what she has achieved in such a short time.

"Cause the things I've seen only God can cleanse my eyes," she continued.

Shakilla has taken aback seat from posting online and the few times she does is to give a small glimpse at her hair or a small quote to keep fans up-to-date.


The most recent update we have from her was exposing Eric Omondi for using her to promote his shows without paying up.

Shakilla appeared in Omondi's show Divalicious earlier this year.

For instance, she claimed in 2021 when Omondi was shooting his show wife material, he refused to pay her dues and the rest of the cast members.

Her efforts to get her pay have been in vain to date with allegations that Eric doesn't pick up calls.

"Eric has used me in so many ways. He did not pay me or anyone on the wife material show and was biased and unfair in choosing the winner so I had to come up with a wise way to gain from the show," she lamented on her Instagram live.

Speaking to Milele FM, Omondi denied the non-payment claims adding no cast member was supposed to have been paid.

But he did insist he paid Shakilla 18K for Divalicious. Shakilla also said Omondi was poor in bed through gossip master Edgar Obare.

Omondi further claimed that he did not sleep with her and although Shakilla was thirsting for him he was keen not to compromise his shows.

"That was a platform for the cast to take advantage of as I was using my own money," Eric Omondi said.