Ronoh details harsh reality dating life has taught her

The content creator opened up about her dating life in an interview with Mpasho

Chebet Ronoh
Image: Instagram

Digital content creator Chebet Ronoh in a hilarious interview with Mpasho has revealed one of the biggest harsh realities that dating life has taught her.

In the same interview she detailed some of the qualities she was looking for in a man.

"I see you wearing a ring, I don't know what that is about so I'll ask... is there someone? Kuna mpoa?" The presenter asked bluntly. 


Ronoh in her natural humorous way went on to intimate that she was taken by the host of the event which everyone knew was a lie. After a few giggles and a light hearted moment she finally dived into tales of her love life.

"No, no I'm still single," the digital content creator finally revealed.

On whether or not she believed in love, Ronoh termed herself a hopeless romantic maintaining a few bad moments with the wrong people were not reasons enough to make her give up on ever finding love.


"I do believe in love, I believe it is out there. Of course I am willing to take risks to date... you know I am a hopeless romantic, I love love and I love people in love. I know it is out there," said the comedian in a jovial tune.

Asked about the qualities she was looking for in a man since she had made it public that her DM's were open the former radio host went on to say;

"If I find a man who makes my life easier, and makes much more than me in terms of money and wealth why not? Money comes first, oohh hunnay I learnt that the hard way.

Lol, I used to think that love was everything but hunnay money has to be there. We ought to be stable first," Ronoh said in a matter of fact tone.

Finishing up Ronoh maintained her crush on Nyashinski had dwindled. In her own words, "times have changed," 

On who was currently giving her sleepless nights, the digital content creator maintained she was focusing on God at this time, declining to name any names.

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