DJ Krowbar appeals for help after wife was diagnosed with Kidney failure

Former KTN Disc Jockey DJ Krowbar is appealing for financial help to aid his wife in undergoing a Kidney transplant.

In a rare video, the gospel mixmaster disclosed that his wife Wanjiru was diagnosed with Kidney failure two years ago and it has not been an easy journey.

According to the DJ, Wanjiru has been on treatment ever since, and now they are seeking to raise at least Sh6,000,000 for a kidney transplant.

“My wife was diagnosed with Kidney failure two years ago, and it has been a crazy journey but now there is light at the end of the tunnel…This is Mercy the hero in this story. This Kidney transplant journey has three faces; Pre-surgery, Surgery, and post-surgery we need financial help on this journey and that is why we are asking you to stand with us. Our pay bill number is 4116415, on the account write number three,” the Krowbars said in part.

Following the public appeal, fans have promised to stand with the Krowabrs on this difficult journey as they seek healing.

“Hi guys, when this journey began, I remember joining hands with my wife saying, "One day we shall see the end of this."

 “Now the end is right ahead of us and we need your prayers and financial help to hold our hands to make this miracle a reality,” Krowbar captioned his video. 

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