Vera Sidika

Socialite Vera Sidika is busy fighting off critics doubting daughter Princess Asia’s Sh500K bed that she imported from the UK.

On Monday, Sidika caused a hullabaloo after sharing the amount she spent to import the said bed from the UK.

A section of her fans were in doubt over the staggering figure she had placed on the designer bed- forcing her to issue an explanation.


“For the y’all claiming sijui Dubai visit blah blah. My daughter’s room has been sleek for way too long since last year. It’s even on TV.

“Her baby cot arrived in January 2022. Fully paid for. Just didn’t have time to record & reveal.

“I went to Dubai 1-2 weeks ago. How did a 2 week Dubai trip finance a 1&half year ago 500k bed @ Ordinary Dubai trip is giving y’all nightmares ® & all sorts of assumptions. Even when your blogger posted receipts for my trip & So People can't travel in peace,” Vera said.


She went on to fire back at those accusing her of living a fake life on social media.

“Some Small minds always looking for excuses. Been living well even when I was off socials.

‘Watching y’all call me names as I sip my champagne @ 1 Just cause I don’t show my mansion doesn’t mean I'm suffering.

“But realized y’all like it when I show off. So I’m doing just that. When I stay quiet & enjoy my wealth in peace y’all claim suffering. Oh, she can’t even afford to travel. Oh, she broke oh she’s homeless But u know I enjoy showing off. Was just protecting y’all from getting high blood pressure. ® But it’s ON,” Vera Sidika warned.

Vera Sidika's post

On Monday, Sidika has for the first time unveiled her daughter Princess Asia’s bed that she imported from the UK at a whooping Sh548,000.

 “It’s very elegant and unique, it's British and I like to stand out so that's why I went for this. Shipping is like buying a new bed so everything came to about Sh500,000.

“I want my kids to experience the best of the best,” Vera said in part.

Vera who is an interior designer went on to brag that she did the design of her baby’s pink-themed room.

“Got Babycot from Bambazi price was a little different since my design wasn’t the same. The shipping cost was Sh219 922. The total was a little over Sh5,498,053.

“You are too dramatic in comments, bed was £1770  (Sh324385), Shipping  £1226 (Sh224687) Total was at Sh5, 498, 053. Of course, the bed can’t grow wings and fly itself to Kenya,” Vera added.

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