Lupita Nyong’o heartfelt tribute to late Chadwick Boss
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Lupita Nyong'o, an award-winning actress, has paid tribute to late actor Chadwick Boseman three years after his death.

Lupita reminisced on the day she learned about Boseman's death, recalling the pleasant times they shared.

She tweeted a photo of Boseman from their time on set for Black Panther in 2018.


“Three years ago today, I experienced a singular pain at the news of @chadwickboseman's death. The confusion was so profound that it took months to trust the feeling of joy again.

“This is a photo I took on film at the airport as we arrived in South Korea in 2018. We had just learned to do the baby heart with our fingers. Here Chadwick was adding his suave flare 😊. We spent a glorious 72 hours there, and the memory fills me with so much joy,” Lupita said in part.

The actress went on to confess that death is always hard to understand or even accept.


“Death is hard to understand, maybe even harder to accept. But the love generated from the life he lived will fuel every anniversary marking his absence.

“Chadwick may no longer be in our photos, but he will always be in our hearts,” the message read.

upita Nyong’o heartfelt tribute to late Chadwick Boss

The late Chadwick Boseman died at home in Los Angeles with his wife and family by his side three years ago.

He had been diagnosed with colon cancer four years before his death but had not made the information public.

While marking his 2nd death anniversary in August, Lupita said filming season 2 of Wakanda was challenging but powerful.

"It was very therapeutic. It restored a sense of hope for me in making it, and I think we’ve expanded the world of Wakanda in ways that will blow people’s minds — not just Wakanda, but the Black Panther world. It’s going to blow people’s minds, and I just cannot wait until it’s not a secret anymore."

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