J.Cole labelled me 2Pac reincarnate- Burna Boy excitedly brags

Burna Boy.
Image: Instagram/Burna Boy.

Nigerian multi-award winning super star Burna Boy has revealed that American rapper, singer and record/film producer J. Cole likened him to the late 2Pac Shakur.

According to the self proclaimed African Giant, him and J. Cole hanged out and had deep conversations about life and other topics before recording a song together.

The single which is featured in his newly released 7th studio album 'I Told Them' is a sort of diss track to all the doubting Thomas's out there. The track is dubbed, 'Thanks' and in it Burna Boy wages his fingers at Nigerians over what he believes to be an underappreciation of his feats.


Speaking about their interaction during an interview with Elliot Wilson and Brian 'B.Dot' Miller of Rap Rader Podcast, Burna Boy detailed the surreal moment when the  American rapper called him 2 Pac.

A moment the Grammy-winning Nigerian artist described as unexpected.

"I don't really know  the dynamics behind how everything happened, but somehow I end up in the studio with J. Cole and a bunch of really tall basket ball players," started off Burna setting the scene of how the moment of praise came about.

"...We were talking about life and real stuff, everything you know. So for me I found myself just going off because for me I don't really talk... I don't have conversations with people I don't live with especially long ones.

Before we started, he (J Cole) just went 'This N**ga is 2 Pac', then I look around to see who he's talking about, then it's me he's talking about. 'Like yeah, he's 2 Pac reincarnated in Africa," Burna Boy narrated excitedly still basking in the joy of that moment.

Netizens are however a little divided on this. Some feel Burna Boy is trying a little too hard and don't agree wit the Tupac Shakur comparison, sharing their thoughts on X netizens mused that he was just trying to hype his profile.

Others interestingly seemed to have no quarrel with the comparison.

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