Comedian Mulamwah's wonderful genes have led to an avalanche of women offering to pay top coins for his 'seed'.

The father of one confessed to several bloggers that his Direct Messages are filled with countless women begging him to give them his good genes.

His protege' Ruth K is rumored to be pregnant with his child but he has dismissed such claims.



 "I don't know, I don't know. I am not expecting a baby. I would have felt a kick in the stomach. No.. I will ask her. Sijajua. Maybe she has decided with her boyfriend to get pregnant. I don't know. I told you she has a boyfriend," he explained.

 He also said that it's not ethical to ask her when she has another man whom he respects. He is close friends with her boyfriend.


"If it's something she wants us to know, then definitely she will announce. Every time we shoot (content) he is there."

Mulwamwah is single and cautious about dating again over character development

"eh manze kiliniramba."

"I'm very single. Nakuanga soko all the time, I am so busy working, and I dont even notice ladies, they are always in my DM, so many of them that they even have children with me. Ati Mulamwah has a cute kid, they just want a kid with me."

The offers are so many but he is not interested.

"I don't consider that, others want to buy my kids, they want to buy my sperms, oh Mulamwah niuzie. But I'm like whaat,"

Mulamwah has one child - a daughter- named Keilah Oyando with content creator Carrol Muthoni.

He does not share content about his daughter anymore. He said "Ni ile tuu niko na mambo mingi, so mi napenda amani, nikifuatilia kitu sana nione inanisumbua amani mi hutulia tu, and that's why you have not been seeing me with her, na mambo iko sawa. You've never heard of drama or something so that was the best solution, Just keep everything out of camera and stuff, so for me I'm ok."

He tells if he gets to see his daughter

"eh maswali mingi kwa waiter. Hizo ni mingi. Those are questions I don't want to talk about at all. I dont like tackling those issues, kwa sababu they are somewhat heavy for me."

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