Cardi B offers Chrisean Rock first time mom advice

Chrisean gave birth to a healthy baby boy a week ago

Cardi B.
Image: Instagram

Multi-award-winning artist and former reality TV star Cardi B is sharing some words of wisdom and motherly love with first-time mom Chrisean Rock.

Chrisean gave birth to a healthy baby boy a week ago and Cardi while welcoming the rapper and actress into this new chapter felt the need to remind her that as much as she is a mom now she is still human and should learn to take time to herself.

The mother of two noted that postpartum depression might hit in various ways and it is wise to pay attention to even the tinniest of mood shifts.

"What I would advice is whenever you start to feel emotional, don't ignore it. That means... you might not think it is postpartum but it is postpartum," started off the mother of 2 all while speaking to paparazzi.

The 'WAP' hitmaker went on to gently advise Chrisean to learn to always take some time out for herself, whether it be in the form of a solo outing or a quick bite to eat, as it takes some time to get used to the new full-time mom schedule.

Chrisean Rock & Blueface

"When that happens go outside and take a breather, drink some coffee, go for some lunch dates on your own because when you are a new mom the new schedule overwhelms you.

So just learn to do something that calms you down and is peaceful," Cardi lovingly said.

Chrisean is already receiving hate from netizens over her parenting skills so Cardi's advice comes at a very great time.

The Baddies star recently took her son out for a football game and people felt that she was wrong for that highlighting that Chrisean Junior is too young to be out and about.

Others questioned Chrisean's choice to have her son all over social media when he's just days old. But her baby daddy BlueFace has maintained he trusts her parenting skills as he has seen her around kids and she is a natural.

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