Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu
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Tanzanian singer Zuchu has penned a cute message of appreciation to her man Diamond Platnumz after he accorded her a sweet surprise.

Over the weekend, Platnumz was performing in Sumbawanga and as part of his set he performed Zuchu’s trendy song ‘Honey’.

The act excited Zuchu who was not part of the show due to other commitments somewhere else. 


An excited Zuchu went on to thank her boss for always believing in her ideas and encouraging her to be more creative. 

“My Honey Singing My Honey you gerrit 😂@diamondplatnumz

Boss Thank you For believing in me And my crazy ideas.Huu wimbo nilivoumaliza tu ni wewe ulisema rekebisha hapa na hapa na utoe ngoma kali asaivi una zaidi ya 11,000,000 Million ndani ya mwezi mmoja uko number 3 on trending mpaka sasa with time mtaelewa tu kua mimi sipendi kudharau my creativity napenda kubadilika napenda vitu vipya keep enyoying Honey . I have a whole lot of these mjiadae kuenjoy,”read the post from Zuchu.


(When I finished this song… you told me, correct here and here, and assured me that this is a hit song. At the moment the song has over 11 million views in just one month and trending at number three. You will come to understand why I don't like being regular. I like being creative and trying out new things. Keep enjoying Honey. I have a lot of these, be ready).

In another set Diamond got super emotional on the Wasafi Festival stage while performing his tune –Utanipenda. 

The singer who doesn't normally express lots of emotion in public took this opportunity to go all out for his signee and even knelt on stage singing the chorus and inserting Zuchu's name asking her questions about whether she would love him tomorrow if things went wrong.

His adding Zuchu's name to the chorus is noteworthy considering that he originally sang the song with his first baby mama Zari's name in it.

"Bado nawaza sana, je itakapofika tama Zuchu utanipenda?... na magazeti yatanibwaga utasikia tafarani eti mpaka kwa Zuchu nimemwagwa na venye nilivyo mnyonge."

"(I'm still thinking a lot, when the time comes, will Zuchu love me?... and the newspapers will talk about me, you'll hear that until Zuchu I've been talked about by those who are miserable) Diamond finished emotionally as the crowd cheered him on.

That Diamond is going to these lengths to celebrate Zuchu comes as a surprise to many keen watchers who know his philandering reputation.

In fact, he has often played coy on whether he and the 'Sukari' singer were dating and has issued contradictory messages about the nature of their relationship.

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