President Samia Hassan Suluhu

The state-owned electricity company in Tanzania has blamed droughts caused by climate change as well as maintenance issues for severe power shortages that are expected to last until next March.

Last week, rationing measures were introduced across the country.

The new head of Tanzania's state-owned power company, Gissima Nyamo-Hanga, has been given a tough deadline by his boss.


President Samia Suluhu Hassan has said that by March she doesn't want to hear about electricity rationing.

Mr Nyamo-Hanga has said the national grid is suffering from broken infrastructure at gas-fired power stations and reduced water levels at hydropower dams.

The capacity will soon get a major boost as a dam in a game park, which faced a lot of criticism from environmentalists, is now almost complete.


There are also significant solar projects on the way.

Less than half of all Tanzanians have electricity at home and with high population growth it will be a challenge to keep up with soaring demand.

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