Diana Marua with her fiancé Bahati Kenya
Image: Courtesy: Instagram

Digital content creators Diana Marua and her fiancé Kevin 'Bahati' Kioko have finally addressed why their much-anticipated wedding never took place as announced.

Diana and Bahati have been dating for seven years and share three kids together, although Bahati has one adopted child, and another biological one from his previous relationship. 

The couple who've gained popularity online for sharing their love life and family lifestyle on social media were set to wed on 12th December 2023. This is after Bahati proposed to the 'Narudi Soko' singer in June of the same year.


However, the wedding never materialized much to the disappointment of their online family.

Addressing the why, in a recent YouTube video that Diana posted on her socials, Bahati blamed his Marua for thwarting his plans to officially have her walk down the aisle. 

The Ábebo' crooner argued that their initial plans were disrupted by Diana’s priorities. She felt there were more important things to focus on for their grand wedding day, leading them to reschedule.


"Am I marrying myself? The woman should always decide. I was planning for a wedding for the 12th of December then she came to me and was like, 'why would you go to the public and announce the day you'll wed me without consulting me?' Revealed Bahati

Diana Marua with her fiance Bahati
Image: Instagram

Now what else was I supposed to do? I suggested 1st of April and she declined noting it was fool's day. Now what was I supposed to do?" Bahati voiced highlighting he was blameless as he had intended to honour the date her had set.


” You are happy that you don't want to marry me? And you know baby I will not keep on forcing you to marry... Do you want to marry me or not?” An exasperated Diana asked Bahati as they jumped hurdles round the topic. 

In a joking manner, Bahati responded by bouncing a twisted version of the question to his baby mama, "Do you want to be married by me or not?" Asked the father of 5. 

The two had a whole lot of back and forth with Bahati arguing that he had set a date, but his baby mama had a lot going on which seemed to poke at Diana's nerves as her man seemed not to comprehend the heaviness of the conversation at hand. 

She asked him to pick another date arguing her reasons from the past were very valid. To quench her soul Bahati asked if it was okay if he set their wedding date for 20th October, which also happens to be their dating anniversary. 

“Something like a wedding is very intimate. It should be very thought about and even your approach to it should be very genuine.

If it is an announcement, then you should make it special! Take me out for a romantic dinner, ensure I'm well-dressed then do like a proposal and ask the big question accompanied with a date," Argued Diana Marua. 

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