Sandra Dacha

Award-winning actress, digital content creator, and MC, Sandra Dacha has revealed she'd never date a plus-size man.

The 33-year-old actress also revealed she likes her men a little less attractive than the average Joe. 

Sandra laid all this bare during an interview she had with TV show host Dr. Ofweneke after the funny man asked her the below question.


"Would you date somebody who is your... you know, plus size as well?" An intrigued Dr. Ofweneke voice after Sandra had narrated how she used to get picked back when she was in school.

"You know people used to call me matron," Dacha had softly told the father of 3 during her interview.

Responding to the dating question Sandra vehemently said she'd never get romantically involved with someone her size.

"Aaiii, no! Never!" The actress said seconds after the question had left the host's lips.

Sandra broke down in detail why she'd never date a fat man as well as outlined the qualities she fancies/ finds attractive in a partner. 

"Now I have a huge stomach and then he also has a huge stomach now what will we do? Where will we take each other?

I love them slim, tall, dark, and not so handsome. Nikupeleke wapi ukiwa handsome?" The Auntie Boss actress said in a matter-of-fact tone. 

Confirming if he had heard right, a shocked Ofweneke proceeded to ask, "you don't like handsome men?" To which Dacha confirmed that that was right emphasizing that she doesn't like fat men.

"I really don't like big men, I like them slim and then mtu anakaa tu hivi hivi, like anakaa kivyake tu not someone handsome," the actress confirmed. 

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