Milly Chebby set to undergo cosmetic surgery

Milly has been a victim of cyber bullying due to her plus size body

set to undergo cosmetic surgery
Milly Chebby set to undergo cosmetic surgery
Image: Margaret Wanjiru

Terence Creative's wife Milly Chebby has joined the list of celebrities who have come out to talk about their desire to undergo a cosmetic surgery procedure.

The digital content creator took to her Instagram stories to share several procedures offered at a clinic known as Haleyon Health Care, where she intends to carry out the process.

Her list comprised of; tummy tuck, 360 liposuctions (liposuction of fat from around the body), Brazilian Butt Lift+ Lipo, vaginoplasty, gastric balloon, and breast implants

She then went on to reveal that out of the list she had shared in her stories she was going to undergo one of those procedures pretty soon.

Her husband has truly encultured her in the art of content creation and keeping people guessing. No wonder Nameless was asking for tips from Terrence.

Milly did let her fans know that she'd done a thorough research and chosen a procedure that she would reveal and share the journey with her fans when that time comes.

"So, I’m preparing, I’ll be going for one of those you have seen there (the surgery options listed above) soon. Very, very, soon," she wrote.

The mother of one then went on to add, "I already went for my consultation; I asked every question I wanted to ask, I asked if there were any side effects- everything that I needed to ask and I am glad that I'm now set and ready to psychologically go do the process."

Milly's best friend Jackie Matubia earlier this month shared that she'd undergone a gastric balloon bypass to help her shed weight.

The mother of two told fans on Instagram that she had lost six kilograms in one week, from a starting weight of 105.5kg to 99.3kg.

"Today I want to give you a small story about my weight loss journey. It has barely been a week and I have lost almost 6kgs," 

She then shared a video of the process and showcased how the balloon is meant to look in one's stomach.

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