Thee Pluto recounts joke that led Felicity to move in with him

The two have a daughter together

Thee Pluto and Felicity

Entrepreneur and digital content creator Robert Ndegwa Kamau popularly known as Thee Pluto has revealed that his baby mama Felicity Shiru moving in with him happened as a silly joke.

The 25-year-old YouTuber during a candid conversation that he had with TV show host DJ Mo while playing a game of pool recounted how he jokingly asked his girlfriend to move in with him and she obliged, completing the move that same day.

A move that met him by surprise as he was sure she would not comply at the time.


"You know what I did after she got pregnant... so we have a friend mutual called Musa, so I told her, 'I want you to take everything that you have, pack them and give them to Musa then you to move in with me'" started off the father of 2.

He went to reveal that funnily enough at the time when he was issuing the directive to his current baby mama he was just joking but she took his word to the bank and cashed it in. 

"But when I was telling her that I was joking because I knew she would not accept. I knew that there were high chances that she would say no. I didn't see as if she would accept it.


That day, I saw her at my place in the evening, and since that day, that's how I found myself married," the digital content creator added.

Thee Pluto went on to add that after Fel made the move in his heart he settled and he knew this is it, for the long run. So he introduced her to his mom and told her he was ready to settle down and went to Shiru's place as well to have a talk with her guardians fully officiating their relationship. 

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