Eric Omondi
Image: Instagram

Celebrated comedian and digital content creator turned philanthropist Eric Omondi has yet again warmed netizens' hearts after revealing the measures he and his team take to ensure the money they raise for people in need is not misused.

Eric has been on a campaign dubbed, 'Sisi Kwa Sisi' where he comes to the rescue of needy Kenyans who have been spotted having a really rough time, getting harassed or are just generally suffering.

The father of 2 rallies Kenyans to contribute whatever they can to help with hospital bills, police bail, starting up a business for individuals and a lot more.

He now reveals that, the thousands of shillings they raise are well protected to ensure Kenyans efforts are not in vain.

Speaking in a video circulating across social media Eric disclosed he has instituted rigorous protocols to protect donated funds, especially if the money contributed surpasses Sh. 1 million transferring them into beneficiaries' bank accounts with limited withdrawal capabilities.

“Nowadays, after we contribute to someone, we accompany them to the bank to set up a new account. We then instruct the bank manager to restrict access to the funds without my approval. Therefore, if the individual wishes to withdraw money, they need to contact me and justify the intended use or project for the funds," stated the human rights activist. 

He went onto add how to ensure transparency, the comedian mandates that beneficiaries obtain authorization before utilizing the funds. Additionally, Eric maintains accountability through proactive measures such as regular follow-ups and arranging financial consultations for select recipients.

"We’ve started conducting follow-ups. In certain instances, we even pair them with financial advisors. The goal of this initiative is to transform lives,” he added candidly. 

His remarks have gained him more popularity and respect from Kenyans who have lauded him for being actively involved in ensuring his fellow countrymen actually transform their lives for the better. 

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