Kwambox, Bhingi and Eric Omondi

Kwabox started the monologue by sharing a recording of a reggae enthusiast Stephen Bhingi where he shared how his house was flooded.

Kwambox shared that Steve was in the papers last week having a bootshake with the president.

Kwambox asked herself the same question Eric Omondi asked himself, "You mean you can go see the president and go back to your ghetto?

She advised when you meet the president or a cabinet secretary you should use that opportunity to ask for something you need to else you will go back to the same scenario.

Fast forward, Eric saw the video and he opted to hold an online fundraiser for Bhingi. He later moved Steve in a new place and helped with stuff he needed.

"Shout out to Eric Omondi," Kwambox claimed, adding he even quit comedy to concentrate on helping Kenyans saying he is helping a hundred others.

Kwambox's insights suggest that we need more Erics as many Kenyans require what Stephen Mbingi received.