In today's morning show, Kwambox compared Kenyan behaviors to European ones.

"Are you noticing that Kenya is really turning to Europe?" Kwambox started the conversation by rhetorically asking her listeners.

She explained how she had a Cassy Pool interview who is currently on a European tour, she played the recording.

Cassy shared " Ni wewe na Mungu wako , hakuna social life ata ukianguka chini Mzungu anapita anenda kwenye anaenda , hawana time ya kuongea."

Kwambox agrees with Cassy and expounds that if right now you are in Europe and you get an emergency like your car breaking down, no one will come to your rescue.

She continued saying how the story reminded her of Nairobi - a city where no one looks after you.

She narrated how you can live in a 20-apartment block, 20 families live there and nobody knows each other.

Adding, if you start asking for help around they will be like "Wewe ni nani, we are not your family."

Kwambox argued if that's currently happening in Europe, and we are showing 'Dalilis' like the expressway and GTC buildings.

And before you know it in the near future it's gonna be difficult to get a shoulder to lean on.