During the morning show today, Kwambox argued that people should stop being hard on ladies wearing bikinis as it is similar to men who are overweight and wear tight clothing.  

Kwambox explained how chubby guys nowadays are wearing tight clothes, arguing they are catching up with ladies who wear bikinis.

Not just any chubby guy there are specific ones who wear tight vests or shirts that expose a part of their lower belly.


"On top of that he has boxers, how do I know he has boxers? because it's inside his tight skinny jeans," she continued.

She added that how even when the guy bent over one could clearly see their "butt crack".

Chito chimed in saying maybe the guy is feeling hot and needs a little breeze.


"Don't be too hard on babes cause guys are slowly catching up," Kwambox said.

Watch the clip below;