Chito and Kwambox discussed a 'perfect heist' that occurred during the Easter holiday and shared their comments on it in the morning show. 

Chito started the chat by sharing how when others were celebrating the easter holiday, there were people who celebrated by having a successful money heist.

He detailed that the alarm didn't go off, they weren't caught on camera during the heist, and got away with 30 million dollars.


Kwambox said it must have been an internal thing and the employees should be the first suspects.

Chito joked about conducting a heist with Kwambox following the documentaries and movies they have watched on how people rob banks.

Kwambox said she had never thought of it and joked that the thieves should come and teach Kenyans how to rob a bank.


She gave a narrative of a local bank robbery which was reported around 10 am and by noon the first suspect had already been caught.

The guy had gone to a "nyama choma joint and ordered "kila mtu akule kwa bill yangu."

Watch the funny exchange below: