Eric Omondi
Image: Instagram

Comedian turned digital content creator, activist, and philanthropist Eric Omondi has revealed the reason he has been missing from the entertainment scene.

According to the former media personality, Kenyans don't want jokes thus why he hasn't been creating any skits.

Eric revealed this during an interview he had with Plug TV media.


"Can right now Eric be referred to as a comedian au hiyo title we remove it completely?" Asked the interviewer.

Responding to this, the former Churchill Show protegee announced that he'd dropped the title and was at the moment no longer interested in making comedy.

"Sahizi Eric Omondi is not a comedian because there is nothing funny in Kenya," firmly stated the father of 2.


He went on to add that the country was in a sombre mood of grief hence no need for cracking jokes and laughing.

On that point, Eric insisted, there was actually nothing funny, nothing to laugh about considering the state the nation was in.

"There is nobody who wants to laugh, people are depressed. Actually, I think we should ban all comedy shows in the country.

There is nothing to smile or laugh about. You can't laugh in a funeral honestly," added Eric Omondi who in a previous interview shared he has been contemplating joining politics,.

Finishing up, the former media personality stated that there was nothing to laugh about in the current state and financial woes that citizens were experiencing.

"The atmosphere in Kenya is one of grief, it does not require jokes and comedy.

At this point until things get better, until things are okay there is no comedy, no jokes. Unachekesha nani? Kwa nini? Saa ngapi?" Eric candidly said.

He went on to dare the interviewer to stop a random person walking in the streets and ask them if they were happy or pleased with things as they were and he'd understand Eric's sentiments.

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