DJ Shiti
Image: Courtesy

In the past few weeks, certain male celebs have trended over who they have decided to marry/wife up, with some Kenyans calling them out.

Following this, a few notable celebrities have come out to give their input on the matter.

As well as discuss if one's past endeavours really matter when it comes to building a new relationship years past.

Popular comedian and actor DJ Shiti argued that when you love a lady, you should put wax in your ears and refrain from listening to stories other people peddle about her.


Arguing that is the only way for the relationship to survive as hearing stories from the past really does have an insane sting.

"Past ya dem inataka mtu akili ndogo saaana kusikiza hizo vitu.


That is why mbogi yaku overthink kama sisi huamua tupick from penye tumekupata. Mengi sumu, past jiekee," the comedian's post read.

Another notable figure who has given his input on the matter without naming names is a multi-award-winning actor turned digital content creator and singer Pascal Tokodi.

Pascal reminded netizens that everyone has a past, some less pleasant than others.

He urged people to learn to be kind to each other as past experiences do not determine someone's entire future.

"Everyone has a past, I have mine, you have yours and we have ours. Your past does not determine who you are fam.... Be kind!" The father of one wrote on Instagram.

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