Khalif Kairo with his girlfriend Cera
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Entrepreneur and car enthusiast Joseph Kairu Wambui, popularly known as Khalif Kairo has promised to give out his vintage 2002 Volkswagen Golf to a random X user who will complete one simple task.

The task in question? Penning an overly romantic poem dedicated to Kairo's soon-to-be wife, Cera Imani.

On his platform, the car dealership CEO shared a video of himself calling upon netizens who were interested in adding the vintage German machine to their collection to put their creativity into practice.

Kairo highlighted to win the car, contestants had to come up with a moving romantic poem dedicated to his girlfriend Cera. They would post under his tweet, the winner would be the person with the most beautiful poem which also had to garner the most likes from X users within 24 hours.

"I feel like giving out this car. The person who quotes this tweet writes the most beautiful poem, praises my girlfriend, and gets the most likes from the TL will win this car. 2002 Volkswagen with the stock interior. Competition starts now and ends in 24 hours," Kairo's tweet read.

The young businessman, who is currently trending on the bird app went on to reaffirm to social media users that he was dead serious with his challenge and was ready to give out the dirt brown Volkswagen.

"I am dead serious; the person who quotes this tweet with the most beautiful poem praising my girlfriend and gets the most likes wins this car. You've not started?" Kairo added in a different post.

His post comes in days after social media users took it upon themselves to uncover his girlfriend's past.

Kairo vehemently defended her adding that nothing said, posted, or done would take away the love he has for her. Adding that their wedding was still going to take place and they would have a beautiful future together.

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