Why TikToker Tileh Pacbro and wife Martina's marriage has failed 
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TikToker Tileh Pacbro has announced that he and his wife Martina have decided to separate and pursue a divorce.

In an Instagram statement,  he said this was brought about by irreconcilable differences.

"I will never have the right words to type this, I have looked at my phone for hours trying to find the right words but nothing is forthcoming," he said.

"The years we’ve spent together have been the best of my life, i have witnessed happiness and growth that I can never be able to quantify ❤️."

He said he and Martina are not only parents but business partners.

"Our journey hasn’t come to an end and it never will as we will always remain to be a family and for that expect to see us together still, as we are not only PARENTS but also business partners."

He revealed that rumours from the blogs about their marriage were true.

"Whispers and rumors have of course been moving around due to our silence and for that I would like to make it clear that whatever some of the blogs insinuated can never be further from the truth and everyone who knows me personally, including Martina, do know how much I value loyalty and I’ve always proudly & swiftly showed my ring when I needed to .I had everything I ever wanted in her and I’ve never seen a reason to look elsewhere."

He concluded by saying whatever decisions either of them take from now on wards is purely personal and is not in anyway connected to their previous union as the separation is not as current as the post.

"This has been a beautiful journey, there’s more to be happy for than sad and that will remain so forever," he concluded