Shenseea, Bien and Tems

Digital content creator, choreographer, and Bien Baraza's manager Chiki Kuruka has reacted after her husband confessed to having a crush on Nigerian singer Tems and Jamaica’s Shensea in a recent interview.

Taking to her socials, Chiki reposted a post made by Mpasho, saying that she doesn’t blame her husband for crushing on the two because they are beautiful queens.


“Don’t blame him. Two absolute Queens. Weuh some people take life too serious,” Chiki Kuruka said.

Appearing on Obinna Live, Bien confessed that he has a crush on Tems and Shenseea – eliciting mixed reactions from Kenyans.

 “I have dream women, many of them... just imagine if Tems DMs me, I’d have to talk to my wife, even if it were you, and if Shenseea DMs me, she could hit and run...” Bien shared.

Chiki Kuruka, Shenseea, Bien and Tems

The 'Lifestyle' hitmaker also disclosed why he chose his wife Chiki as his manager, explaining two reasons: She is trustworthy and easily accessible.

“That’s the best decision I’ve ever made and it might not be right for others, and that’s up to them because I wear this shoe for myself. I needed someone who would help me focus on my work, and I also wanted management I could trust. Isn’t it great for the family to work together?

She is my manager; she handles everything an artist's manager does. She schedules my appointments, and my tours, negotiates my rates, and plans our strategies for the year. Basically, everything a manager does for an artist,” Bien said.

Bien believes that men should not go through their partners' phones because it could be the end of their lives.

“I will never check a woman's phone because I believe that’s how you die.”

Bien also stated that if his wife Chiki cheated on him, he would leave and he would expect the same if he cheated on her.

“Because you’ll stress me out, man,” Bien said.