Sauti Sol band member Bien has become the first Kenya musician to do a collabo with Fally Ipupa despite Fally being viewed as a fierce person to approach for a collabo.

Fally is a dope dude, he is collaborating a lot, how many Kenyan artists have reached him through the right channels? Some things are not just given to you, you have to go out for them. I met Fally first of all at the Grammys,” Bien said.

“Fally and I are both voting members of the Grammie Academy, so we were invited to a Grammy party, and while we were at the party one of my songs started playing and he liked the song. So we were just me and him were working together yah this is the jam, why don’t you jump on the remix and he was like fantastic.”

According to Bien, they didn’t do it that time cause they were in Los Angeles so when Bien was on a tour in Europe Fally was in France, and Bien was also supposed to perform in France so that’s how they went to the studio and recorded the song.

Since they weren’t able to shoot the video because of Fally’s busy schedule they planned another meet-up at Kinshasa where they finally shot the video of the new song.                                                                                                    Bien revealed that his new song with Fally Ipupa will be out today so his fans should stay tuned in preparation for his new hit.

“This week it will be out, it’s a wrap man and he’s been such a brother if I tell you that gut has showed up for me in all beautiful ways, I have so much love and respect for Fally men, his really pulled up for me, he knows he is a big deal for me as well,” Bien poured out his Gratitude about Fally.

According to Bien, it is a very big deal for us since Fally gave his all to reach this far.