Sauti Sol

Kenyan Boy Band Sauti Sol which left many Kenyans heartbroken after they parted ways has finally given a glimpse of their possible reunion.

This is after Bien who is part of the band confessed on Obinna Show that they will soon be back.

“Yooh! Will do it, I feel like groups also have a moment for a reunion. The good thing about being in a group is that you can exist in so many different ways and I am looking forward to Sauti Sol's reunion,” Bien confessed.

“I know that season is coming in my life and I just want to be there and be present. I am praying God to give us health, life, and strength so that his season ibambe tu kama hizi zingine.”

Bien also revealed that there is no bad blood between him and anyone in the band.

“For us the music is great, but nothing is greater than the brother I have in Polycarp, Savara, and Chimano," he said.

According to Bien for it to reach a point of deciding to break the band it was everyone’s idea in the band to give room for growth at a personal level since change is inevitable.

Bien confessed that it wasn’t easy for either of them once the band parted ways due to the love and support they received from their fans but regardless Bien said at least they left a permanent mark that they will be remembered forever.

“And I will be honest with you it hasn’t been easy, people look at it and think Bien you must be having it so good you think it is easy. It’s not easy for me anyway it’s not easy for any of us,” Bien explained.

Bien went on and said their last tour was a major success since they were parking venues all over America and Europe and they had a very crazy Sol Fest and sold out all the tickets which portrayed the love their fans have for them.

“Our last tour was a major major success, we were like parking venues in America, we were packing venues all over Europe, you know we had a crazy Sol Fest year we sold out tickets like people should us a lot of love, it’s hard to walk away from that as well,” Bien explained.

Bien also disclosed that even as he is building his brand as a solo person there are things about Sauti Sol that he misses a lot.