actress Frida Kajalla
Bongo artist Harmonize with his ex girlfriend actress Frida Kajalla
Image: Courtesy

Harmonize's ex lover Fridah Kajala has unblocked the singer after weeks of pleading with her. 

Harmonize has not shied away from telling the world that he is still in love with his ex-girlfriend.

 A screenshot showing she has unblocked her has gone viral;

Harmonize started off by putting up a building with Kajalla's photo written 'Lovers' as a form of asking for forgivenesss.

He later bought a car for the Tanzanian actress. He bought diamond jewellery, chocolates and flowers asking her to come back.

Recently, he has bought another car to woo the actress but she has not responded to his 'love language.'

It seems this is the first step to the rekindling of their love. But she has low key been throwing shade at the singer on social media.

At one point she wrote;

"What left wasn’t meant to stay…."

In another post, she wrote;

"It’s very easy to find A new one. But it’s hard to find A True one…."

The ex-couple broke up after rumours that Harmonize was also seducing Kajala's 19-year-old daughter.

Kajala's daughter Paula is dating singer Rayvanny.