Huddah Monroe and Juma Jux kissing
Image: Instagram

Huddah Monore landed in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania on Saturday morning and was received by singer Juma Jux.

Asked by journalists what brought her to Tanzania, the businesswoman said she went 'to do the did.'

At the airport the two hugged and kissed on the lips. 

Talking to journalists, Jux hinted that she would be promoting his clothe line, African Boy and later on go partying.

Huddah was asked if she was indeed dating Jux as they were seen kissing severally 

"We will speak about that another time. People always kiss their friends, their kids etc."

"You will see for yourself, you can tell the energy."

Asked whether they were compatible, she agreed saying 'Absolutely yes"

They were first spotted kissing on Jux's recent music video 'Simuachi' which was said to have been shot in South Africa whether the two were also spotted having a time of their lives.

The two are yet to confirm whether or not they are dating but all the body language shows that there is pleasure in that business.