Zari and her new man
Zari and her new man

Diamond Platnumz and Zari's new man, Shakib seem to have been close in past years. Zari is currently dating the Ugandan man whom fans have speculated to be younger than her. 

But isn't it just a number?

Zari recently shared a photo for on her Instagram with her boo with the caption;


"Happy Place" 

Well, a photo of Diamond and Shakib back in the day has gone viral. Reports have it that the photo was taken back when Diamond and Zari were dating.

Diamond and Shakib
Diamond and Shakib

It is not clear the status of Diamond and Shakib's relationship right now but what fans are sure is that the two knew each other and now Shakib is dating Diamond's baby mama.


Diamond and Zari share two kids, Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan.

In the recent past, Zari had also warned fans against judging her relationship with Shakib.

 "I'm not going by the rules where society is setting standards that we are supposed to love people of a certain caliber. I know the types hunnay!" She wrote on Snapchat

"When you tell me that I need to date rich men, but I know these types, but this is where I decided to stay,"