Mbosso's gilfriend and third baby mama Rukia Rucky says she's ready to give the Tanzanian singer at least ten children.

How many kids do you want to have with Mbosso? She was asked;

"Ten children," she told Wasafi media


She went on to explain "When one gets to three months, we start looking for another one."

Rukia said the singer has shown signs of being a good father as he sees his child almost everyday "He sees his child everyday no matter what time it is. He will even come to the house at 4AM to see him."

Rukia said she and the singer are dating but don't live together.


"We used to live together but I moved out when I was pregnant. We didn't get back to one house again."

"I don't go to his place, I don't know where he lives. Because most of the time he's in my house. He will need to marry me to live with me."

Mbosso's baby mama Rukia
Mbosso's baby mama Rukia

She added that she was ready to get married to the 'Hodari' hitmaker.

She appreciated him for caring on her and her child knowing revealing that the singer is not in good terms with all his baby mamas.

She went on to say that she understands he's a famous man, hence associated with many women.

"Being in a relationship with other women and getting children with them is not an issue to me."

"Jealous is there. And jealous is love. It is normal, but sometimes it happens that he gets kids with other women when he didn't will to do that. He is a man, he is loved. I know other women force him sometimes."

Mbosso is a father of three kids, each with their mother.