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There is alleged trouble in the Muraya family. Gospel singer and pastor, Linet Munyali alias Size 8, is allegedly not living with DJ MO in their matrimonial home.

Sources close to this writer said the mother of two allegedly packed her things and went to live elsewhere without her husband DJ Mo due to domestic disputes. 

This writer understands that Size 8 left DJ Mo mid-last week with their two children. Efforts by friends and family to reconcile the two bore no fruits as Size 8 was very angry with her husband.

Sources said that she asked her friends and family who tried to reconcile the two to give her time to think about their marriage.

This writer reached out to the couple who has been a testament that marriage works but they were not available for comment.

DJ Mo did not want to speak about the matter and instead told us to call his wife. Messages and phone calls to Size 8 went unanswered at the time of going to press.

On their Instagram pages, Size 8 and DJ Mo have also unfollowed each other.

This is not the first time the celebrity couple is in the eye of the storm.

In 2020, DJ Mo's alleged 'side chick' shared her alleged intimate chats and moments with DJ Mo with blogger Edgar Obare, including photos of DJ Mo while nude.

The couple made peace on their reality TV show 'Dining with the Murayas' after what they called ‘Week ya masaibu [misery]’.

"I did not want this thing to break him or destroy him or whatever the devil wanted to do," Size 8 explained.

DJ Mo narrated how he was shocked that his wife was not swayed by the 'dirty' scandal that had threatened to shake his marriage to the core.

"Watu walisema, 'Ohh, umefukuzwa.' People can say stuff, but one thing about all this is that I was with my wife'," he said.

A video posted from the episode, shows Size 8 in a hotel room with DJ Mo, explaining that she wanted the moment to be private so they can pray and work on their marriage.

She explained that netizens will never understand why she did not castigate her husband over the infidelity allegations.

Size 8 and her husband DJ Mo will be celebrating their 9th marriage anniversary in October this year.

All we can say is we hope the couple is able to work on this alleged rough patch in their marriage.