Marya Prude with Willis Raburu
Image: Instagram

Willis Raburu and Marya Prude have paid tribute to their late daughter Adana Raburu. 

Sharing a photo of bracelets written 'Adana' Raburu said the pain had never gone away promising to always celebrate her.

"Happy heavenly birthday Adana…Forever in my heart. Today has been tough, the pain never really goes away, it shows up without invitation. I miss you. 💔 Mommy and Daddy love you and will never forget or cease to celebrate you!"

Marya Prude on the other hand shared a throw back photo of when she was pregnant with Adana and wrote;

"Happy Birthday My Baby ♥️Adana 🌸🌼🌺."

In another post, she shared quoes from Zoe Clark-Coates The Baby Loss Guide;

"I will never forget the room. The small window. The lack of light. The examination bed. The chairs. The sounds. The expressions. The words. The gestures. Every aspect, every little moment, forever captured, in a moment of utter heartbreak, when they said 'I am sorry there is no heartbeat."

"Your time on earth was brief, and the chapter detailing your existence seems so small in the story of my life. But you were the plot changer. The colour giver. The character builder, the joy bringer. Once you were created, no page was ever the same again."

May she continue resting in peace.