Ben Pol with Anerlisa
Image: Instagram

Tanzanian singer Wyse has denied being part of the reasons Anerlisa divorced Ben Pol. The singer was first introduced to the music industry by Ben Pol but later fell out.

Wyse has also been rumoured to be very close with the Kenyan businesswoman.

In an interview with Wasafi Media, he said;

"Anerlisa is my good friend, she advises me and has an ear for music. I plan to relocate to Kenya because I have a lot I'm doing there. I am loved there."

He denied being the reason they split "I didn't have the power to split them. Those are just made up stories."

Asked about rumours that Anerlisa bought him his latest car, he shut down the rumours.

"She didn't buy this car for me. I bought it myself. Went to the showroom myself. I can show you I am the one who bought it. I have done shows and I have gotten money."

Adding "People think because I've been in Kenya so much, that she is the one who bought the car for me."

"I am not her lover. And I don't think Ben can be hurt because I now have a car. I respect him."

Wyse went on to show evidence that he bought the car.