Larry Madowo

TV personality Larry Madowo was celebrating his birthday on Friday while on a trio to France.

The 36 year old joked that has refused to grow even at his big age.

 "It’s my womb escape day and I refuse to grow up despite my big age! Unrelated: when does mid-thirties end?"

Madowo wrapped up his day at the Eiffel Tower, sharing a video of spectacular fireworks that had been lite to celebrate the bastille day.  This is the common name given in English-speaking countries to the national day of France, which is celebrated on 14 July each year.

"France threw me a spectacular birthday party at the Eiffel Tower, complete with a Swahili song! I said no but they insisted. Haters will say it was for Bastille Day but real ones know that it was all for me. Otherwise, why is their national day on my birthday?"

He joked "France didn't have to do this all for my birthday. Merci." 

Fans and fellow celebrities wrote messages to congratulate Madowo for aging finely.

Trevor Ombija: Happy birthday brother, I wish you many more happy days

 Anita Nderu: Happppppppyyyyyyy Birthday Sweetheart ❤️❤️❤️❤️

GMoney; Never grow up, it’s a myth! Act like a kid with spending power. It’s easier that way! Plus it annoys the “grown ups” 🤣 - Happy Birthday King. More life

Piksel: Hahah I feel like mid thirties only ends when you’re attending PTA meetings and you need to start volunteering with the other not-mid-thirties parents. Until then happy birthday. Stay young.

Emily Kinuthia: Happy womb escape day, stay childish that's the secret to long life

SimplyGeona: Mid 30s doesn't end,hold unto your smile 😍

Mwendaconnie: appy birthday Larry ..You are as old as you feel,so enjoy it!!😂😂More blessings,❤️