Amber Ray and hubby Kennedy Rapudo

Amber Ray and her partner Rapudo have wowed fans with the interior of their mansion located in one of the leafy suburbs of Nairobi.

In an interview, Ray revealed she spends Ksh 350K on monthly rent and approximately Ksh 1.5 million on other household needs per month.

She said she has wanted to live a good life, hence the expensive lifetsyle adding that she and her hubby are planning on building their dream home.

"We want to build our home. We hustle to look for the money, why not enjoy life with it? So I can say as long as you are living in Nairobi let's live in a house that we love."

She added that paying that amount makes her feel happy and fulfilled. 

"I feel happy and its for a certain period of time, not like we will be living there forever. Of course we have a plan to build our own home."

She added that she has lived a tough life while growing up and it was time to enjoy.

"At that time, my family and I had no money. There was a lot of money problems, I have gone through a tough life so when you see me enjoying, just leave me alone."