Daniella Atim with Ugandan singer Jose in a past photo
Image: Courtesy

Jose Chameleone's wife Daniella Atim has written a heartfelt message about her wedding anniversary to the Ugandan singer.

The two tied the knot in 2008 but Daniella has recently revealed that they are not together anymore. 

She wrote;


"It was my wedding anniversary a day ago and I didn’t even remember it until my sister brought it up as we were joking about random stuff. My initial instinct was to ignore it and not give it any attention but then I REMEMBERED …i remembered earlier on in my journey how much I needed the strength of someone who had already walked this before ,I remembered how much I needed to hear from another woman ,I remembered just how much I needed to see a woman who had risen above society and cultural expectations of what a marriage should be ,I remembered how much I needed to hear from another strong woman with a come back story ,I remembered how I needed to see another woman reach her prime after walking out of a toxic marriage .i remember wanting inspiration and strength from another woman to jump start a fire in me but there was non."

"And now that I am in a better position because I took that leap of faith ,now that the shackles are broken off my feet …I want you to borrow my strength ,I want you to look at me and know that there is life beyond society’s expectations, that there is life beyond your abusive relationship .i want you to use me as an example never to settle for a relationship that makes you dead while you are still alive ,I want you to remember that you are resilient because you are indeed resilient .And I want you to know that marriage is supposed to be your happy place and not a battle field. I want you to use me as your source of courage to never again let anyone determine what is and what is not acceptable. Just be a good person ….and be good to yourself first."