Willy Paul made a mark with his song “Sitolia” with Gloria Muliro and many Kenyans embraced his style. He added onto that notch when he was able to snag a collabo with Jamaican superstar Alaine when they did the very popular song “I do“.

But the artist seems to be going off on a tangent, first off he will be Secondly, he has come out to say that he has transcended the Kenyan market. Ouch!

He was speaking to Bongo5 during on a media tour in Tanzania to promote his latest song ‘Malingo’ said that he had already conquered the Kenyan market and it cannot help him anymore. He said:

“At the moment, I’m doing collabos with artists from outside because I have already conquered the Kenyan market and it cannot help me anymore.”

His response came after he was asked if we should expect from Willy Paul. He also said that Bahati is his brother.

The two celebrated Gospel artists were said to be beefing allegedly because of the Groove Awards nominations that always had them face off in the same categories. collaboration between him and Kevin Bahati with whom they have been beefing for a very long time.

Personally, I think whatever Willy Paul is smoking must be really powerful. His type of music is not continental, so him thinking that he can survive without the Kenyan market buoying him is pure fantasy.