Paris collection
A pair of the Balenciaga Paris collection
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We always say fashion is relative and it is more like eating,  one ought not to stick to one menu all through. 

Luxury fashion brand, Balenciaga just launched its new Paris sneaker line which features tattered, old, and sorta worn-out shoes.

The release shocked netizens everywhere as the shoes are anything but far from your everyday average sneakers.


The new Paris Trainers Mules come in different types with the lowest priced one going for Kenya shillings 63,500/= while the highest priced one is retailing at a whopping 229,000 Kenyan shillings, mind you this is exclusive of taxes.

Relax, if you think the price is shocking. That isn't even the most shocking aspect about it, the design is what takes the cake!

All the sneakers released in this new line are tattered with the brand name, 'Balenciaga' carelessly spray-painted on the sides of the worn stained rubber soles.


It literally looks as if they gave a 5-year-old a spray can and asked the kid to paint over the shoe.

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They have a set of less tattered kinda stained ones, that look as if a werewolf cub was buffing its nails using the pair as well as sneakers that are open at the back sole and slightly frayed.

This is not the first time a fashion like has come up with such bizarre products all in the name of fashion and creativity.


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In October 2020, Gucci released slightly torn distressed stockings that debuted at a whopping 22,000 Kenyan shillings. Weirdly enough, they were sold out within no time. People out here really have money for anything and everything. 


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Last year for its spring-summer collection Prada released a cheese sweater! Yes, you are reading that right they have a sweater that resembles a block of cheese with the holes and everything. They titled the sweater, 'openwork viscose turtleneck sweater' and it retails at 120,000 Kenyan shillings.

Bottega Veneta

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In 2019 for the pre-fall 2020 collection Bottega Veneta showcased sandals that weirdly resembled uncooked instant noodles. There were to versions one open and another with closed toes. They however had not set a price for the sandals during the launch.

And Gucci made the list again

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In 2020 Gucci launched a pair of wide legged jeans and dungaree with grass stains. The luxury brand during its debut priced these pants at a bizarre Ksh. 130, 000. Honestly why not take any pair of jeans you own then go and roll over at any park then iron the pants to cement the stain!

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