actress Frida Kajalla
Bongo artist Harmonize with his ex girlfriend actress Frida Kajalla
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To what lengths has your ex ever gone to to prove he is sorry/ wants you back? Well Tanzanian Bongo star, Harmonize just broke the bar, leave alone setting it.

For the last month or so Harmonize has been trying to woo his ex lover Tanzanian actress Frida Kajala back to no avail. Up until 11 days ago when the damsel unblocked  Harmonize across all social media platforms.

Harmonize was beyond ecstatic as he had spent months and millions (I mean he bought her two range rovers and set up a billboard people) begging for her forgiveness and trying to get back on her good books.


Following their reconciliation and in a final bid to prove just how sorry he was, the Bongo star got inked in honour of his lover.

He went ahead and got a throwback photo of Kajala and her daughter Paula tattooed on his leg alongside neatly calligraphic words that read, "I am sorry."

Konde Boy must really feel terrible for his actions because getting permanently inked is no small fit.


Kajala broke with Harmonize and blocked him across all social media platforms last year after just three months of dating after it was revealed the Bongo star was flirting with her young daughter.

However, the two are back together now but it has come at a cost.

One Paula, Kajala's only child blocked her mom across all social media sites as she felt her mom's decision was rushed. I do understand where the young lady is coming from.

I mean it is one thing to forgive someone but that does not mean just take them back.

Two, Kajala ended up un-following Rayvanny from Instagram. Rayvanny used to date Paula back in  2021 and part of 2022.

 Rayvanny and Harmonize have an ongoing beef.

They fell out in 2021 after Rayvanny leaked explicit photos of Harmonize.

Rayvanny also leaked Harmonize’s private chats with Paula Kajala and told Konde Boy to ask for forgiveness from the public for embarrassing himself by sending such explicit content to Paula.

He added that it's shameful to want to date Kajala and her daughter at the same time.

"The world has its wonders but I have never seen such a shocking person, my bro @harmonize_tz," he wrote.

What you have in society is humiliate yourself. What kind of human being do you want to be trying to date a mother and a child! It's a very strange spirit that you have, that is, every time I think of you I don't get an answer, my brother," he finished off the post.

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