ex girlfriend Amber Ray
Basketball player Kabba with his ex girlfriend Amber Ray
Image: Instagram

Amber Ray's ex is one bitter man who evidently has not moved on from the gorgeous and incredibly curvaceous Kamba babe.

The guy seems to have a personal vendetta against the socialite even as he claims to have "dodged a bullet" and moved on from her.   

In his most recent attack launch the Sierra Leonine basketball player took to his Instagram stories to talk about how he feels sorry for any man who thinks he has got it good because he landed his ex, Amber.

This flow of bad words came shortly after netizens uncovered that Amber was off the market and was currently rumoured to be dating learned travel enthusiast Kennedy Rapudo.

And that wasn't all.

Kabba went on to claim that Amber doesn't clean up well and advised the man currently dating her to urge her to 'shower'.

The claim sounds malicious as through Amber's insta stories one can really tell she is obsessed with her shower time and pampering herself with good skin care products. 


"I hope you can clean her up. Tell her to take showers all the time and stop living a fake life on social media and stop having intimacy in the bushes. She really needs to grow up. Good luck x," he finished in his scandalous message.

But as we all know Amber isn't a babe who can be trolled or shamed easily.

If there is one person I know has mastered the art of clapping back appropriately it is the 30-year-old.

Amber  laughed off Kabba's comment saying that she would have intimacy anywhere and  everywhere with the person she was dating because she adores them.

"Life is for the living," Amber added reminding Kabba and other haters that life is to be experienced in all the ways that fuel you and bring you joy. 

Amber has always maintained that her policy in life is 'we are here for a good time' and the fine babe already told us that she is not giving up on love.

This isn't the first time that Kabba has attacked Amber. Early last May he went on a rant complaining that amber had accused him of trying to control her life while it was she who used to take his phone and block people.

He also said that Amber had used juju on him adding that he regretted dating Amber.

“If I knew the kind of person she was from the start. I would have never been involved with her. I don’t regret what we had, but it seems that she has moved on many times before,” he wrote.

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