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It seems queen of clap backs and CEO of living life to its fullest Amber Ray might have given her new man, Kennedy Radupo a few lessons and tips on how to deal with online trolls.

Kennedy, just a few hours ago posted a new picture on his Instagram page in a well cut suit, white shirt and red tie looking all clean and dapper, clearly feeling himself as he posted three different shots from the same look.

He captioned the photo: "keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground."


Simple, precise, no sublimal messages or cryptic shots just a man feeling himself.

But Kenyans being who they are just wouldn't let him have his moment.

A netizen clearly invested in their lives and having clear knowledge of Kennedy's girlfriend's past, as well as online drama, had a few words to share with the businessman.


The Instagram user identified by her social media handle as @hazelwainaina commented on the post, "Next motivational speaker loading."

A few other netizens seemed to agree with her sentiments as her comment got 5 likes.

Well, Kennedy was not having it. He replied to the comment by saying, " @hazelwainaina do not be bitter, be better. Let us try and give more love and less hate, it is good for your soul."

I know Amber Ray must have smiling ear to ear when she saw the comment, she must be proud. And we have to hand it to Kennedy he really handles that smoothly, like a pro.

Kenyans cracked the code on Kennedy being Amber's new boo about 3 weeks, following their secret being out the two officially made their relationship public constantly sharing with us their cute moments together.

According to his Instagram page, Kennedy just like Amber is a lover of all things fine and an adventure junkie. His Instagram bio reads, "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all."

Kennedy is also a learned fine black man with a masters degree in International Relations.

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