Kenyan TikToker Flirty Carlos

Tiktok dance star and content creator, Flirty Carlos revealed that his childhood dream was to be a businessman, and well since he considers himself a dancepreneur we can all agree he's living his dream.

In an interview with Mpasho, Carlos revealed, " I wanted to be a businessman while growing up. I never wanted to be employed ever since I was young, I always dreamed of being my own boss." 

'Make money without stressing,” He added. 


On his career as an dancepreneur he was asked what happened to the dance team (Dance 98 ) that he had been part of during the Coronavirus period and what led to their splitting.

Carlos clarified that they just took a break then Tileh Pacbro (the founder left) and they were never on bad terms with each other. 

“We took a break… I never exited. Like we were together but we wanted to know how self-made life is as well," the 23-year-old explained.


Before adding, " We decided, let everybody do their thing and we see how it goes. Sorta like what Sauti Sol did.

Yes, we had some issues but we came back and decided since we’re all grown in our careers and doing well, we need to come back as a family. Now we’re all back as a family, all dancing under Dance 98," he finished off

On whether it felt as if one of them was holding the others back Carlos was quick to compare his brothers to the Avengers terming their talents as superpowers. 

“Everyone in Dance 98 is great and everyone has their own style. It’s like with superpowers, like avengers. When they come together they’re amazing but even individually people are like I love Thor, I love Spider-Man and so on,” he explained.

And in a funny twist, Carlos revealed that his mom did not know he was famous.  Although his mom has come close to seeing his content on social media,  he's always managed to trick her into believing he is nowhere near being a public figure.

"She thinks I am a businessman and she will always believe what I tell her. Sometimes in malls she catches people staring at us and I tell her that she's the one attracting all the attention either coz of her outfit or hairstyle," Carlos said with a cheeky grin.

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